Manaaki Gift Box

Manaaki Gift Box


Make someone special real happy with a Manaaki stack in a pretty gift box.

Featuring one of each, just add some cheese, cured meats, and kai moana, and you have an amazing antipasto platter. Check out how we do it right here.

Comes in a gorgeous carry pack gift box and can be shipped with your personalised message.

Kawkawa Jelly has a sweet apple base with refreshing aromatic notes from the kawakawa.  Net weight 200g.  Gluten Free

Kamkamo Pickle is a tasty sweet and sour combo, with a hint of turmeric and mustard to top it off.  Net weight 180g.  Gluten Free

Our Horopito & Lemon sauce is Manaaki’s dairy free alternative to mayo and hollandaise sauce. Net weight 150g. Gluten Free

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International freight is based on one gift box per shipper.  Freight to USA, UK, Canada & Germany tracked is $74.00, untracked it is $49.90. To India it is $52 untracked and $136 tracked. For other countries please contact us.