This is a knockout winner teamed with crackers and your favourite creamy blue cheese or other sharp tasting hard cheeses. A perfect addition to lamb burgers and cold cut meats. Or try as a glaze on pulled pork for sliders. If youre a fan of Māori bread its a must for the sweet tooth (dont forget the butter!).

Kawakawa Jelly


Kawkawa Jelly has a sweet apple base with refreshing aromatic notes from the kawakawa.

It could be described as a Māori version of mint jelly. But, with the unique taste of kawakawa, we have found that it complements a much wider range of dishes.


Kawakawa can best be described as a native Bush Basil with aromatic, peppery-minty flavour notes. Traditionally used in cuisine and as a rongoa Māori (natural remedy) by our tupuna (ancestors).