A quick and easy, but effective entertainment idea

Stuck for culinary entertainment ideas?

Need some quick and easy solutions to wow (and feed) your guests?



Here is a delicious idea from the aunties at Omaka Marae with a little help from Manaaki.

Since creating the Manaaki range, we have hosted numerous groups and delegations, making full use of our indigenously flavoured preserves and condiments at every occasion.

One of the quickest and very effective ways to use the Manaaki range that involves no cooking is a platter with a selection of cheese, cold deli meats, and freshly smoked seafood.

It literally takes minutes to prepare.

Our platter idea comes from our Manaaki launch which coincided with a delegation of Maori leaders hosted by the marae for morning tea.



We created 12 platters for the delegation, along with delicious finger food hors d'oeuvres also featuring the Manaaki range (more on that in another blog).



Hosting guests is something that comes natural at the marae passed down from generations of nannies and aunties. We have a special word for it – manaakitanga, it is what inspired us to call the preserves Manaaki.

What you will need to recreate the Manaaki platter, for your guests

OM platter.jpg


  • Manaaki Horopito and Lemon Sauce
  • Manaaki Kamokamo Pickle
  • Manaaki Kawakawa Jelly
  • Rolled up Prosciutto
  • Thinly sliced spicy salami
  • Probiotic camembert
  • Blue cheese
  • Smoked salmon, prawns, and if you are lucky, crayfish
  • Roasted almonds (optional)
  • Juicy grapes, sweet strawberries and watercress for colour
  • Selection of crackers (don’t forget rice crackers for those who eat Gluten Free)


Lay it all out on a platter (use our picture as your guide)

And enjoy!